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ODDS is the comedic drama of a woman trying to navigate a difficult world and to persevere in spite of an array of odd people and situations thrown her way.  Sandy is unsuccessfully seeking employment and possibly love –while relying on omens, superstition and fate to determine which path to take. She seeks the counsel of a therapist,  rabbi, a fortune teller, and her own premonitions to guide her in finding a stable path to take. Without any decent job options, she considers opening a fortune telling business with her homemade cards – although like  the mythical "Cassandra", her intuitive readings are ignored and the predictions she gives to herself are dreadfully wrong.

While ODDS is a light drama with comedic undertones, it touches on some serious issues of our times. The film subtly reflects on how women can face discrimination in the current “gig economy” – needing to find odd jobs or to be underemployed in order to survive; how age and beauty can be determining factors in whether women can find love and partnership; and on the very real possibility of becoming marginalized and impoverished in these tenuous economic times. The protagonist Sandy perseveres regardless of difficult and ridiculous circumstances. In spite of her seemingly mild nature, she remains strong, independent and determined, choosing to remain single rather than compromising herself. Sandy is a model in the true meaning of the word– not as a beauty or super-woman, but of an aging every-woman, peculiarly unique, striving for an authentic, dignified life of value amidst an unpredictable world.


ODDS features gorgeous photography by Jeff Kao and Deniz Demirer, sincere and genuine acting by all of the cast, and a funny, poignant, and entertaining story. Also featured are live performances by Berkeley hip-hop artist “Zukko”, Oakland female duo ‘The Bayonettes”, and street guitarist Mark Zucker. 

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